Our goal is long-term partnerships with clients

Each of our projects helps businesses achieve outstanding results.
You expect your partners to do more than complete a project following your specification. When you come to us with ideas, we help research them and offer solutions.

Clients ask us how to evaluate and select developers without being tech-savvy. We believe that the indicator is the transparent business processes of the outsourcing company. A client controls the project progress by communicating with the manager and taking part in demonstrations of each stage outcomes. We explain how our processes lead to sustainable and predictable results before the start of the project.
Streamlined processes for complex projects
Budget and timeline control
After the first communication with our analyst, you will receive an approximate estimate of the timeline and budget of the project.

We define the milestones of the project and estimate the timing and cost of each phase.

We provide reports on actually completed work regularly and in the form that is convenient for the client.
Agile development
For complex projects, requirements reasonably change during development and deployment.

We follow the agile methodology, that allows clients to receive the optimal product under the given constraints each iteration.

This approach allows us to launch successful projects,
which initially did not have a detailed technical assignment.

We take responsibility for the success of the project
We follow the best practices in our area, pass them on to our customers, and explain our solutions.

EVEN Lab architects and analysts research the client's infrastructure and relevant processes to exclude any incidents.

UX and UI designers create consistent and clear interfaces based on user profiles and behavior.

Our team
Ruslan Tsechoev
Anna Chalova
Head of Marketing
Yuri Gasparian
Head of Development
We start working on your IT project in 24 hours
We needed a team that is capable of creating a high-load module for a commercial vehicle monitoring system. EVEN Lab proved that they are the right team. They demonstrated initiative and professionalism, worked well with our engineers, and achieved project goals.
Yuri Abramov
Head of Analytics Department
Our company was about to launch Tamaq, a food delivery service. We needed to develop courier management and tracking module. EVEN Lab analysts estimated project terms and budget and proposed optimization ideas. With their help, we found an opportunity to save about 15% of the initially allocated budget. The team completed the project timely and met all the initial requirements.
Daniyar Omarov
CEO of Nitel
We decided to develop a mobile application for Android and iOS, that could be installed by our clients. EVEN Lab has a strong team of Middle and Senior mobile developers. For example, iOS developer's experience is over 14 years. All assigned tasks were done quickly and professionally.
Nikita Bronsky
Skif App CEO
Our clients contact us when they need product development. We take on projects from scratch or help with inherited code
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