Geographic information system Kostanay smart city

Integration of systems and technologies for urban management
Project goal
The Kostanay city administration decided to involve third-party developers in the smart city project. The client needed to integrate existing systems for collecting and processing data and develop new modules. The goal was to improve the quality of life in the city through the effective and sustainable use of infrastructure.
6 months
5 497
Senior UX/UI Designer
Senior Business Analytic
Senior Front-end Developer
3 Middle Golang Developer
Golang, Vue JS, Docker, Nginx, MySQL, RabbitMQ, Elasticsearch
Mobile apps
Web development
We gathered a highly professional and specialized team to cover all the client's goals. The project was completed by 3 middle back-end developers on Golang, senior systems analyst, senior team lead, and senior front-end developer. To automate urban management the following steps were taken:

1. We created interactive maps and digital models of urban facilities, streets, buildings, and communications. The geographic information system displays several layers: residential and public facilities, industrial and residential areas, passports of facilities, utility communications, telecommunications, highways, traffic lights, public transport, green spaces, etc.
The effectiveness of urban management increased. The changes affected city lighting, traffic, city cleaning, garbage disposal, public transport, and emergency services.
2. Outdoor lighting was linked to the map for monitoring and centralized management.

3. We combined all traffic lights into a single network. The system collects and analyses operational data and automatically distributes traffic flows.

4. Monitoring of cleaning services, including quality control of the area, household waste disposal, operation tracking of communal vehicles.

5. Operational management of public transport, including route planning, traffic analysis, and real-time tracking.
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