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to determine the scale and priorities of the project for your company or startup

Let's talk about your idea of creating a digital product or refining an existing system with an EVEN.Solution product expert.

IT consulting

You will receive an approximate estimate from our analyst with 10 years of product development experience

Get Step-by-step plan with recommendations on stack, budget, timeline (+ assessment by our team)

EVEN.Solution architects and analysts investigate the company's infrastructure and related processes to eliminate any failures

Average consulting time — 1.5-2h, free of charge, but places
are limited

We help startups not to close in the first year, and we save millions for large companies

Сhoose the right vector and format of work to create a competitive product

What is your specific?

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We will tell you how not to make a mistake if you are introducing an IT system into your business for the first time. At the consulting stage, a product strategy is developed, consultations are held on its implementation, risks and payback periods are calculated.

Startup \ Are you creating a product from scratch?

Have you ever developed an IT product that still has bugs or flaws? Or does it work slowly, which is why processes suffer and the company receives less profit?

Product consulting is suitable for you — we will check your system for the presence of "bottlenecks" that slow down business processes. We will help to make the product effective, correct errors or offer solutions.

Revision \ Does your software work inefficiently?

A large proportion of our completed projects is automation of the company's business processes. Based on experience, we will tell you what can work better and faster in your company. We will offer several solutions, from which you can choose the one that suits you.

Automation of existing business processes

How to get into product consulting?

1.5 — 2 hours for meeting
You need:
Register and get a full audit of your project. You can choose a time convenient for you by sending the form below
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0$ — it's fully for free
You will get after consulting:
Total cost for project
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$ 45 870
Work hours & duration
1580 h — 3 month
Growth points, channels and tools
Senior React Developer,
Senior UX/UI, ...
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