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to determine the scale and priorities of the project for your company or startup
Let's talk about your idea of creating a digital product or refining an existing system with an EVEN.Lab product expert.
IT consulting
We will help you:
Based on the results of the first communication with our analyst, you will receive an approximate estimate of the timing and budget of the project.
We will give recommendations and our estimate of the budget + timing of your project
EVEN.Lab architects and analysts investigate the company's infrastructure and related processes to eliminate any failures.
We will indicate possible risks and how to avoid mistakes
We adhere to the best practices in our field, pass them on to customers and explain our solutions.
Сhoose the right vector and format of work
IT consulting:
More about our approach here:
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The meeting is held by experts in the field of software development who have been planning, designing and developing custom software products for more than 5 years
Conducted by experts
Any business idea can be successful if you make a proper implementation plan. We help startups not to close in the first year, and we save millions for large companies
Let's bring your ideas to life
The average meeting time is 1.5- 2 hours
Consulting will be completely free.
Even.lab experts will show you how to find your competitive advantage and create a software product that will conquer the market
Creating a competitive product
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We will tell you how not to make a mistake if you are introducing an IT system into your business for the first time. At the consulting stage, a product strategy is developed, consultations are held on its implementation, risks and payback periods are calculated.
Already have an IT system? Grocery consulting is suitable for you — at this stage, the entire system is checked for the presence of "bottlenecks" that slow down business processes. We help to make the product effective and correct mistakes.
In difficult times, it is important to quickly rebuild the marketing and technological strategy of the brand, revise the usual tools.
We are completely immersed in all processes.
You will understand the scope of work of the future project and get approximate estimates of the product
Even.lab's team of analysts and developers will professionally study the market and your field, conduct research and identify growth points. As a result of consulting, you:
Get a ready-made action plan by steps, with prescribed channels and tools
Find effective ways to improve the user interface
You just have to implement the developed plan
How to get into grocery consulting?
1.5 — 2 hours for meeting
You need:
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You will get after consulting:
Total cost for project
*for example
$ 45 870
Work hours & duration
1580 h — 3 month
Growth points, channels and tools
Senior React Developer,
Senior UX/UI, ...

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