Process automation for Ivolga-Holding

We developed the precision farming information system and integrated it into the ERP
Project goal
Our client, a large agricultural holding, decided to increase the efficiency of the monitoring system. It was necessary to optimize the operation of the enterprise using the collected telemetry data in production and business processes.
3 months
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Our team researched how the data collected from vehicles can be used to optimize all processes of the enterprise, including planning, operational management, and performance measurement. After that, we developed a system for processing data from sensors. It collects, stores, and analyzes data streams on the vehicle locations, consumables (e. g. fuel and fertilizers), harvesting, and so on. We incorporated this data into a geographic information system for precision farming, which provides the following capabilities:

1. Work planning for each farmland part, offering the optimal routes for agricultural machinery.
2. Monitoring agricultural machinery in fields, notifying dispatchers and drivers on missed sections or redundant works
As a result of the deployment of a precision farming system, the efficiency of business and production processes has increased.

1. More efficient use of seeds, pesticides, and fertilizers due to a differentiated approach to field sections. Fuel consumption decreased by 20%.
2. Based on the costs per result analysis, the optimal agricultural equipment was selected for carrying out certain types of work.
3. Introduced remote diagnostics of engines, components, and assemblies to optimize human and material resources when troubleshooting in the field. Preventive maintenance work is planned and performed.
4. Higher yields while reducing the cost of consumables and equipment maintenance.
5. Reducing environmental issues with the differentiated use of herbicides.
6. Staff motivation and labor productivity have increased. The number of violations has decreased (fraud collusion, thefts of fuel, fertilizers, etc.).
3. Schedule vehicle monitoring during the crop harvesting at the following stages:
• field - unloading permission into certain vehicles only;
• elevator - entrance permission only for certain vehicles;
• weighing room - weighing grain from a specific vehicle and data transmission to dispatchers.
4. Monitoring of the planned works and fertilization, adjusting plans depending on meteorological conditions.
5. Analysis of the results and forecasting the yield.

Other information systems of the enterprise use the data also. Accounting system automated calculates wages based on work performed. ERP calculates the detailed cost of production.
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