Investment platform for token sales

One-stop investment tool for crypto fundraising
Project goal
A client invited us to develop an investor platform. We conducted research and found out that there are no standard solutions that satisfy most of the client's needs. Therefore, we decided to create a platform from scratch and then adjust it for the market as a standard solution.
The cabinet is developed as a web application optimized for mobile devices.

Cabinet features:
1. Investor account with secure login and interface in 6 languages. The authentication in the account is available via social login and via mobile phone (two-factor authentication). The account displays the status of a KYC, the number of purchased or reserved tokens.

2. KYC. It is a multi-step process of filling out an application and uploading documents with several options and iterations. To reduce manual verification, the automatic system initially processes applications and files. If verification didn't succeed, the user receives a message with information about the exact reason and an incorrect file. In case of suspicious actions of users, the account is automatically blocked.

3. Token purchase with cryptocurrency. On the payment page, the user enters the number of purchased tokens and the cryptocurrency in which he wants to make the payment (BTC, LTC, ETH, etc.). The system generates a wallet address and displays the amount to be paid. The user makes a payment from his wallet.
For our clients, we deploy separate investment platforms and customize them according to their needs. We pay special attention to the security of the solution for users and project owners. Our address generating system for cryptocurrency payments ensures the correct identification of transactions and the safe storage of collected funds. Access to them is possible only with a secret key, which is known to the owner of the project and is not stored on web servers.

Customization of the platform for each client includes the release and integration of their project token, graphic design, cross-platform mobile application, additional modules. The solution is compatible with other products:

Bounty platform
Referral system
Wallet and exchange
NFT marketplace, etc.
When you receive many payments in cryptocurrency you can not use the same address for every transaction, because then you will not be able to identify them. To link each payment to a specific transaction from the investor account, the system creates a new wallet address each time. You have access to each generated wallet using your single private key. To ensure the security of the process of new blockchain address generating, we do not store the secret key on web servers but use the public key.

4. Token withdrawal to the investor's wallet. After the system identifies a payment at the address generated for the transaction, it credits the user with tokens in the investor account. He can withdraw them by specifying the address of his compatible wallet. The administrator launches a script for token withdrawal on a schedule, which is published in the investor account.

5. ICO widget that tracks its stages and the progress of the fundraising. Before the token sale starts, an investor can register in Whitelist, reserve the number of tokens that he plans to purchase, and complete KYC. Sales open automatically. At each new stage of the sale, the investor community is invited to purchase a predetermined amount of tokens at the announced price. The widget displays a countdown and the current/upcoming stage of sales.

The admin interface of the platform provides several user roles. Administrators check the documents sent to KYC, manage the ICO stages and the price of tokens, publish the withdrawal schedule, and so on.
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