White-label ecosystem for crypto startups

Mobile app and web platform with wallet, exchange, and marketplace that startups can use as market-ready solutions
Project goal
The problem with the cryptomarket is that there are many cryptocurrencies, but only a few of them are popular. When a startup creates a token, there are just a few wallets that support it by default, and most of them are not easy to use. Small projects also need exchanges, marketplaces, community management tools. Our goal is to provide them with a bespoke customizable white-label solution.
5 month
4 450
Project Manager, 2 Senior Golang Developer, 1 Senior Flutter Developer, UX/UI Developer, Docker
Golang, Flutter, Mysql, Redis, RabbitMQ, Memcached
Mobile apps
Web development
We created an ecosystem of crypto services for crypto projects that includes the following modules:

1. Cryptocurrency wallet web-app optimized for mobile browsers. Partners can create wallets for their tokens with a cryptocurrency payment gateway. Users can perform transactions. The transaction with another user of the wallet is free and instant. For example, crypto projects have to distribute tokens to their users and partners regularly. With this wallet, it is easy, fast, and free.
We created a powerful backend on Golang, a clear and responsive user interface, and native mobile apps for Android and iOS. Startups can choose one or several modules, request an individual visual style, and customization for their token or blockchain.
2. Native wallet apps for Android and iOS.

3. Cryptocurrency exchange. Users of the wallet can exchange cryptocurrencies within the app: buy or sell the token with popular currencies: Ethereum, Bitcoin, DAI.

4. Marketplace. A startup can partner with other projects and create a marketplace where users can buy goods and services with the startup’s token. For example, they can place bounty tasks on the marketplace, NFT tokens, or coupons.
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EVEN Network Blockchain platform
On this R&D project, the EVEN team applied decentralized technologies
Web development
Our clients contact us when they need product development. We take on projects from scratch or help with inherited code
Our services
Our goal is the development of long-term partnerships with clients. Our clients come to us with ideas, and we help research them and offer solutions
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