Document storage for business

Easy to use SaaS service that is secure as a local server
Project goal
The main goal of our cloud service is to provide cryptography security to each document. The idea came from blockchain technology that protects every block and transaction with the hash. A hash function is a function that can be used to map data of arbitrary size to fixed-size values. The hash is unique and depends on the file content. The slight change in content completely changes the hash.
7 month
10 250
Project Manager,
4 Senior Golang Developer,
Scrum Master,
Senior React Developer,
Senior UX/UI Developer
Golang, libp2p, ipfs, ReactJS, Docker
Mobile apps
Web development
We use the hash as a document address. So the link to the document guarantees that the document is intact.

We created a safe environment for communication and document exchange between employees and with contractors.
We created a highly secure corporate SaaS cloud service with the following features:
  • Access log: track who downloaded and viewed a file and when.
  • Single Sign-On: synchronized corporate credentials and user rights with credentials in a distributed file storage.
  • Version history: access to the history of changes to any document, including deleted ones.
  • Access Control: a company can control access to its data at the user and device level. For example, you can restrict access from home PCs.
  • End-to-end encryption: unlike most cloud services, files are stored and transmitted encrypted.
An employee cannot send a confidential document outside the organization. The system will detect even the renamed document and stop sending. A secure channel of communication with contractors allows the exchange of confidential documents between servers.
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CRM for microcredit company
We automated the entire process of issuing loans and integrated internal and external data sources into it
Web development
Our clients contact us when they need product development. We take on projects from scratch or help with inherited code
Our services
Our goal is the development of long-term partnerships with clients. Our clients come to us with ideas, and we help research them and offer solutions
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