Crowd Marketing Platform

The service helps companies and bloggers to promote their content via user communities
Project goal
The service was created for companies that launched a user community and want to expand it. The platform provides crowd marketing promotion on social media, forums, product review sites.
5 month
3 250
Project Manager,
2 Senior Laravel Developer,
Senior VueJS Developer,
Senior UX/UI Developer
Laravel, VueJS, Nodejs,BTC-Core, Go-ETH, BIP32, BIP44
Mobile apps
Web development
We created the web service and native mobile apps for Android and iOS platforms. There are the following features, interfaces, and capabilities:
The service helps bloggers, media, businesses, recruiters, referral campaign managers to seed their content in Facebook groups, Reddit communities, Telegram chats, forums, and other resources. To start a campaign, they have to create a task on the platform. After it is completed, admins check it and send a report.

The examples of tasks that can be published on the platform:
  • Content seeding in relevant Facebook groups
  • Posting vacancies on sites and Telegram groups
  • Starting forum topics or commenting on your thread
  • Sharing your referral link in Telegram chats
  • Listing your business or services in web catalogs
  • Comments and likes on your Reddit thread
Admin interface. Several types of admins can perform different actions on the platform, for example: set and check tasks, manage users and set penalties to cheaters, check user identity and personal documents, launch reward withdrawal, etc.
Tasks page. The first page that the user opens is the list of tasks that he can complete. There are fields with a type of task, due date, reward, and other information. Users can complete the task and submit the report. The task can be checked automatically or by the admin.
The KYC page. As the service pays reward to users, there are requirements for documentation. The secure KYC process starts with document upload. Then, admin check documents and approve user to take part in campaigns.
Reward withdrawals in cryptocurrency.
Referral program. When the user invites friends to join the crowd marketing campaign, he receives a reward for each referral earnings. The referral program is 4 tier and uses personal referral codes and cookies to track users.
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SuperApp with video conferencing
A mobile application with messenger, marketplace, and financial services
Web development
Our clients contact us when they need product development. We take on projects from scratch or help with inherited code
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Our goal is the development of long-term partnerships with clients. Our clients come to us with ideas, and we help research them and offer solutions
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