Pizza Delivery tracking App

Integration of a location tracking system with a mobile application and company business processes
Project goal
The pizzeria chain planned to archive several goals within a single project.
1. Reduce the number of calls in the client support center related to order tracking.
2. Plan routes of couriers and drivers efficiently, considering real-time traffic flows and the volume of orders.
3. Track the actual workload of the delivery staff to reward the most efficient work.
We developed a new business process that collected data from transport tracking systems and automated delivery management.
Customer satisfaction has increased: users can track couriers with their orders in real-time through the application.
The work of the delivery service employees has become more transparent. Operational management of the pizzeria improved.

Managers received tools to measure the effectiveness of each employee and plan workload.
12 month
5 120
Project Manager,
1 Senior Golang Developer,
Senior Android,
Senior IOS,
Senior UX/UI Developer,
Senior Camunda BPMN Developer
Golang, IOS, Android, UX/UI, Camunda BPMN, Docker
Mobile apps
Web development
It was implemented as a module of the pizzeria management and reporting system. The module was integrated with the user's account on the website and with the mobile application.
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