Delivery tracking module for restaurant aggregator app. Tamaq

We developed a location based module for the startup that helps it to lead the market
Project goal
Our client Nitel was about to launch a restaurant aggregator app Tamaq for the local market.
Our goal was to speed up the development of the restaurant aggregator project. The crucial part of the project was the delivery tracking module. It has to collect location data from courier devices and display it to restaurant administrators and restaurant clients. We already had a similar experience, so we started work on this module.
3 month
1 480
Project Manager, Lead Golang Developer, Senior VueJs Developer, Camunda BPMN, Docker, Senior UX/UI
Golang, VueJS, Mysql, MongoDB, Docker, K8
Mobile apps
Web development
We have automated the whole process of courier tracking and route planning. The courier app transmits the current location of the driver and the delivery status (the order is already delivered, the delivery is expected timely or delays). When the system receives a new delivery order, it selects drivers with the vacant status and sends them requests in turn.
Customer satisfaction has increased: users can track couriers with their orders in real-time through the application.
The work of the delivery service employees has become more transparent.

The delivery tracking feature of the restaurant aggregation app helped the startup to find new partners on the local market. Big and small restaurants were convinced that the driver management is efficient and the delivery cost is reasonable. They started using service instead of their in-house couriers or in addition to it.
The system also builds optimal routes to serve the maximum number of customers in the shortest possible time. The system estimates the delivery time and sends this data through the application to a customer.
To maintain the discipline of drivers and ensure the quality of service, the system collects feedback from customers and assesses the driver routes.
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