CRM for microcredit company

We automated the entire process of issuing loans and integrated internal and external data sources into it
Project goal
The microcredit company lends small amounts of funds - up to $ 200 for up to 30 days. The company needed to fully automate the process of issuing a loan to reduce the cost of servicing loans, improve the quality of borrowers' assessment, and also eliminate the human factor and errors.
8 month
4 150
Project Manager,
Senior Golang Developer,
Senior Android Developer, Senior IOS Developer,
Senior UX/UI
Golang, Android, IOS, Postgresql, Docker
Web development
Our team developed the CRM system, including the following modules:
As a result, the conversion of registered users into borrowers has increased: they receive a loan at the first contact in just 15-20 minutes. The assessment system works efficiently as the profitability and repayment of loans increases.
User web-based account. Users can sign up for the service, apply for a loan, fill in the form, and upload all required documents.
Automated checking and scoring using the number of the external data source. If the borrower applies for a loan for the first time, the system has to request up to 20 different services.
Analytics and reports. After the scoring process, the system reports to the admin for loan approval. For regular customers, the system analyses past data and makes an automated decision.
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