SuperApp with video conferencing

A mobile application with messenger, marketplace, and financial services
Project goal
Our client, a large financial holding group, decided to develop a multifunctional mobile application that aligns with the specifics of the local market. The task was to increase the reach of users of financial services by providing them with additional services.
7 month
3 850
Project Manager,
1 Senior Golang Developer,
Senior Android, Senior IOS,
Senior UX/UI Developer
Golang, IOS, Android, UX/UI, Docker
Mobile apps
Web development
Using WeChat, the Yandex ecosystem, and other regional apps as an example, we explored why many of them have become more popular than global services. We found out that they focus on local habits and satisfy all the basic needs of users. Although social functions are important, the most important reason for their popularity is that they are convenient services for daily purchases, taxis, money transfers, ad boards.
A messenger-based ecosystem has been created. The user can solve any of his problems by simply sending a text or voice message to the virtual assistant. Users can also communicate with each other, in groups, subscribe to information channels, online stores, services and applications, use video conferencing, transfer money, and pay for purchases.
Our team researched user behavior and designed the app for the target audience. The application is designed based on the social connections, culture, religion, and other specific features of the country.
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