Driving Quality Monitoring for Mosgortrans public transport

We launched a pilot project for Mosgortrans to test assessment tools for public transport drivers
Project goal
To deploy a pilot Driving Quality Monitoring project, Moscow public transport organization decided to augment their development team with external consultants.

The customer specified the following problems:
public transport drivers are often involved in various incidents;
the quality of driver training is not high enough;
some drivers are engaged in fuel theft
5 month
4 450
Project Manager, 2 Senior Golang Developer, 1 Senior Flutter Developer, UX/UI Developer, Docker
Golang, Flutter, Mysql, Redis, RabbitMQ, Memcached
Web development
EVEN Lab has allocated 2 backend developers on Golang (middle, senior), senior systems analyst, senior team lead, and middle front-end developer to participate in the project.
As a result of the pilot project, we collected statistical data, analyzed and assessed outcomes:

the qualifications of the drivers were defined by monitoring their driving style;
the number of emergencies has been reduced with the system of assessments and warnings;
due to a decrease in the number of sharp braking and acceleration, turns at high speed, the wear-out of vehicles has decreased;
the economy of fuels was achieved due to improving the quality of driving and reduction of theft
We developed a solution that processes data from the GPS modules and other sensors specific for public transport. The software assesses the performance and behavior of bus, tram, and trolleybus drivers. Also, the system detects siphoning fuel from the fuel tanks.
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