Train dispatching system. Kazakhstan Railways

ERP module for Kazakhstan Railways monitoring and management
Project goal
The client was going to deploy an information system for train management, cargo tracking, and transportation conditions monitoring.
4 months
1 610
Project Manager,
2 Senior Golang Developers,
1 React Developer, UX/UI Designer,
QA Engineer
Golang, React, Docker, Nginx, MySQL, RabbitMQ, Elasticsearch, Goolge Analytics
Mobile apps
Web development
The EVEN team together with the customer created a business and production processes map. We defined processes that require automation within the current project and all the necessary integrations with internal and external systems. We designed and deployed the system that monitors and controls traffic flows, including passenger and suburban trains, transportation of dangerous and valuable goods, containers.
With the developed solution, the client monitors traffic flows and controls the movement of trains, ensures traffic safety, and optimizes costs. For example, due to the timely detection of defects, the operation of the rolling stock has been increased. The precise planning allows the same fleet of locomotives and wagons to transport a greater volume of freight traffic.
The system monitors not only the location of trains but also the conditions of transportation of passengers and cargo. In case of deviations from route or violation of transportation requirements, a notification is sent to the dispatcher.
To repair railway tracks, the system schedules gaps in the timetable, which would allow dedicated trains to operate, and warns repair crews about the train movements.
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