Transport Tracking App for Business

Mobile application for the corporate transport monitoring system, that displays the location and data from various sensors
Project goal
Monitoring Plus provides services for companies that operate fleets of corporate transport and vehicles. The goal was to create a universal and convenient mobile application for any platform.
6 month
2 203
Go, PostgreSQL, MySQL, MongoDB, Redis, CI/CD, Kubernetes, Docker
Mobile apps
Web development
EVEN Lab specialists interviewed potential users of the mobile app and created user stories for several roles. Integrated with geographic information systems, the application helps drivers to follow the recommended route on schedule and follow traffic laws.

The most requested features were placed in the mobile application, including:
EVEN Lab developed the mobile application for the corporate transport monitoring system, which displays the location and data from various sensors.

The SKIF app is published on Google Play and AppStore.
Real-time vehicle tracking
Module to contact the driver
Reports required by mobile staff. Reports for drivers on their driving style with recommendations and explanation of penalties
Alerts in real-time about the arrival of the driver, when the vehicle crosses specific areas, warnings about violations of speed limits or conditions of cargo transportation
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Integration of a location tracking system with a mobile application and company business processes
Mobile app
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