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Mobile App Development

How much does it cost to create a mobile app?

During the interview, we collect your requirements and provide you with the quote, including a list of works and hours estimation.
The rate starts from $40/hour.
Project estimation method
Look at our portfolio.
There you can find the team roles, the scope of work in hours, and the overall development time frame.
The scope of works examples
Our portfolio
Transport Tracking App for Business
Android app for banking company
6,5 months
SuperApp with video conferencing
3 939
UX/UI, Analyst, Android (4), Camunda (2), Back-end (2), QA, Management
6 months
2 203
7 months
3 850
Project Manager,
1 Senior Golang Developer, Senior Android, Senior IOS, Senior UX/UI Developer

Company profile

We develop complex custom projects lasting for several months
Native apps for Android and iOS
We create robust apps for each operating system individually. The approach is optimal for medium to large projects.
Mobile app backend
We develop full-cycle projects with complex logic, high-loaded databases, and data streaming.
System integration and BPM
We integrate internal and external systems in the application, use Camunda BPM to create a microservice architecture.
UI/UX and Customer Development
Our goal is the success of the client's business. To achieve it, we follow and apply best interface design practices.
Clients and reviews
Android app for VIVA bank
Delivery app for Tamaq restaurant aggregator
SuperApp for local market
Crowd Marketing platform
We needed a team that is capable of creating a high-load module for a commercial vehicle monitoring system. EVEN Lab proved that they are the right team. They demonstrated initiative and professionalism, worked well with our engineers, and achieved project goals.
Yuri Abramov
Head of Analytics Department
Our company was about to launch Tamaq, a food delivery service. We needed to develop courier management and tracking module. EVEN Lab analysts estimated project terms and budget and proposed optimization ideas. With their help, we found an opportunity to save about 15% of the initially allocated budget. The team completed the project timely and met all the initial requirements.
Daniyar Omarov
CEO of Nitel
We decided to develop a mobile application for Android and iOS, that could be installed by our clients. EVEN Lab has a strong team of Middle and Senior mobile developers. For example, iOS developer's experience is over 14 years. All assigned tasks were done quickly and professionally.
Nikita Bronsky
Skif App CEO
We start working on your IT project in 24 hours

What kind of project do you plan?

Here is how we can help you achieve your goals
You have a mobile app and need support and new features. Check out an example: we created a delivery module for a restaurant aggregator.
Revise and maintain your application
Build an app upon existing backend
You already have a web service, CRM, or other systems. The mobile application will become an additional source of customers.
Explore an example.
Develop a mobile application from scratch
We will help you conduct customer research, create an interface and backend, integrate payments, cards, or video communication.
See an example.
Development process
Collect requirements
Schedule works
Gather a strong team
Create an application
Support the product
Development process
Collect requirements
We interview the client's team, clarify the expectations of all stakeholders and translate them into technical requirements. We help you prioritize goals and share best practices.
Schedule works
We discuss the project options and choose the best one together. Then we plan and agree on the stages of work, estimate them in terms of time and resources.
Gather a strong team
Developers with relevant experience and knowledge of the required technologies participate in the project. We have UX designers, analysts, programmers for all platforms in our team.
Create an application
Your product development process is transparent
and manageable. We regularly demonstrate work results, discuss opportunities for improvement with a client and practice an agile approach to tasks.
Support the product
After publishing the product on Google Play and AppStore, we continue to support and improve it. We study user behavior, app performance, conduct A/B tests and plan further steps with a client.